SNSが複雑すぎて SNS is much complicated to me




でもって、今日新たにBrightKiteってなんだろうと思ってアクセスしてみた。なんとFaceBookのアカウントで登録できた。何で??? わからないことばっかり。

As I came to familiar to Twitter, now.  So, this time, I had registered to FaceBook in order to communicate with my colleagues in the US.   Again, I was lost in my early steps.   I suppose that it is like another twitter with photo/movie capability taking out 140-letter-limitation.  More like "mixi", I suppose it is the closed communication between friends.  I'm just supposing and not sure.

There is a function called "Facebook Page", and this doesn't seem to be provided for personal use but for business or fan club.  You must be "Friend" to browse personal page and you must be "Fan" to browse Facebook Page. ...am I right?

Only Facebook Page can feed twitter.  Is it true?

And today, I accessed BrightKite wondering what it is.  I can register by using my Facebook account.  Why???  Now what?   There's a lot of mysteries.

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